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Hot Takes & Deep Dives

May 17, 2021

Jess is joined by Sexy Unique Podcast’s Lara Marie Schoenhals (@larzmarie) to unpack our feelings re: the forthcoming Sex and the City revival titled “And Just Like That.” Lara Marie Schoenhals also hosts the podcast “Saving SATC 3,” in which she improvs a final installment of the franchise in each episode. Together, Jess and Lara share their SATC origin stories, process Kim Cattrall, compare to RHONY & brainstorm storylines for the new show and more! 
Jess is later joined by friend of the show, Semajh Bludson (@semajwithanh). Jess (born 1982) and Semajh (born 1995) were raised by different pop cultural touchstones due to their generation gap and they are here to ~educate~ each other with their Top 5 recs (BoJack Horseman, Hedwig, Pose, etc).
[ 0:10 - Lara Marie Schoenhals ]
[ 41:00 - Semajh Bludson ]
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